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What you get when you join today:
  • 7 modules/19 lessons - Beautifully presented with downloadable texts to accompany class
  • Actioning training - An industry respected, Stanislavski based toolkit hat guarantees specificity and freedom
  • Impulse - Learn to make ANY dialogue regardless of genre 'natural' and discover the true 'sport' of acting.
  • Audition Technique - A tried and tested systematic approach to auditioning that will channel 'healthy nerves', teach you how to 'book the room', demonstrate the KEY to gaining work that no one talks about and make you finally enjoy the audition process!
  • Live With Simon - A Years Coaching with Simon Trinder
  • COMMUNITY​- Support from our active & awesome secret Facebook Community

This is THE COMPLETE ACTORS TOOLKIT, packed with essential wisdom from some of the greatest practitioners in the world and led by an award winning actor that will grow you like nothing else in your own time and space. 
Perfect for both professional actors and those headed to drama school.

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